Would you believe it’s possible to build a working “inkjet” printer using LEGO, a few spare parts and a lot of ingenuity?

It’s true!

Since LEGO was first patented in 1958, more that 400 billion of the plastic building blocks have been produced. One of the reasons for its popularity is that the company keeps introducing new and appealing products. An example is Mindstorms, a line of programmable robotic kits that use motors and sensors.

Although Mindstorms takes LEGO-building to a new level, one clever DIYer has shown it’s also possible to construct robotic devices from scratch. His creation, an “inkjet” printer, was showcased on YouTube with the following description:

Lego felt tip 110″ printer connected to an Apple Mac. This is not a kit you can buy and does not use mindstorms. I designed/built/coded it all from scratch including analog motor electronics, sensors and printer driver, the USB interface uses a “wiring” board.



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