The toilet seat... leave it up or down?

Stan Megraw
23 January 2012

An engineering student has invented a device to address this age-old question.

The University of Wisconsin in Madison has a campus unit called SWAP (Surplus with a Purpose) that sells all sorts of used school equipment. For the past 5 years, the university has run a contest call the ‘Wiscontrepreneur 100-hour Challenge’. Students interested in participating are given a voucher that allows them to purchase any item(s) from SWAP, provided it has a value of $15 or less. The challenge is to transform the item(s) into something that is “valuable, innovative or socially beneficial”… and to do this within 100 hours.

Entries are reviewed by a panel of judges and a winner is selected in each of three categories: most creative, most value (money) generated, and most social value generated. One of the winners was Kody Habeck, a Bachelor of Science student, who shared the $300 prize for most value created. Using materials worth a total of $14.95, Kody designed and built a device he dubbed the “Clean-Seat”.

Check out the video to see how it works!

Article first published March 17, 2011.

Stan Megraw

Stan is a writer/researcher, a PhD graduate of McGill University and was a member of the CurioCity team for several years. As a kid he dreamed of playing hockey in the NHL then becoming an astronaut with NASA. Instead, he ended up as an environmental research scientist. In his spare time Stan enjoys working on DIY projects, cooking and exploring his Irish roots.

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