The Sixty: Yesterday’s phone for today

Stan Megraw
23 January 2012

ret·ro /'retro/ - adj: something associated with or revived from the past

Rotary telephones, once popular many years ago, began to disappear with the introduction of the touch tone dial. Today, these phones are all but forgotten, a distant memory for those who are gray-haired and past middle age. However, as this week’s feature shows, old technologies never really die, they just get re-invented.

This sweet-looking phone is called the ‘Sixty’ and is made by Sagemcom SAS of France. It has the classical retro look of a rotary phone and the advanced functionally of modern telephony. The stylish design, reminiscent of the ‘60s, is combined with such features as a wireless handset, touch keypad, and LCD display screen. There’s a built-in phonebook that can accommodate up to 150 numbers as well as a digital answering machine and speakerphone.

The Sixty is currently sold in the UK for a hefty £99.95.To learn more, clickhere.

Article first published May 17, 2011.

Stan Megraw

Stan is a writer/researcher, a PhD graduate of McGill University and was a member of the CurioCity team for several years. As a kid he dreamed of playing hockey in the NHL then becoming an astronaut with NASA. Instead, he ended up as an environmental research scientist. In his spare time Stan enjoys working on DIY projects, cooking and exploring his Irish roots.

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