Article Review Guide

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Before you start

Volunteer portal

Please make sure that you have registered as a Let’s Talk Science volunteer on the Volunteer Portal and that you have submitted an online bibliography. Details are provided on the Getting Started page.


Before you start reviewing articles, you will also need to sign up for a Smartsheet account at

During the registration process, you may see references to a free trial period and upgrade fees. However these only apply if you create your own spreadsheets. There are no fees associated with working on spreadsheets created by Let’s Talk Science.

Once your registration is complete, email us at to get access to the appropriate spreadsheets.

About Let’s Talk Science and CurioCity

More than half of Canadian high school students opt out of taking senior-level science and math courses. Most teens recognize that STEM skills and knowledge are important to society in general. But they don’t think these subjects relate to their own lives and interests.

Let’s Talk Science hopes to change this through programs like CurioCity.

Created with the classroom in mind, CurioCity is a web-based program intended to be appealing to both educators and students. It connects students and teachers with the STEM community, while giving students a place to explore STEM issues.

One of the key ways CurioCIty achieves these goals is by publishing articles written by volunteer authors. By approaching interesting STEM-related topics in an original way that will capture the attention of teens, this content aims to show students in Grades 8-12 (Secondary II-V) see how STEM is relevant to them.

Articles published on CurioCity are supported by a range of other resources available to students and educators. For example, many articles feature Starting Points, a series of questions that help promote thought and discussion in the classroom.

As a content reviewer for CurioCity, your mission is to ensure articles are current, factual, well-written. and appropriate for the intended audience. Content review in an ongoing process that is critical to ensuring the quality of content published on CurioCity.

Logging your hours

All time contributed to reviewing and editing articles should be recorded. In particular, logging your activities and providing feedback allows us to:

  • Keep a record of your contribution to Let’s Talk Science and CurioCity so that we can share this information with you on request and incorporate it in any letters of reference.
  • Demonstrate to supporters and partners the time and effort that is contributed by our volunteers.
  • Better understand how we can improve the volunteering experience as well as our programs.
  • Share your contributions with your local Let’s Talk Science Outreach site (if applicable) so that you can receive recognition at the local level and contribute toward your site’s goals.

Please log your hours on the Let’s Talk Science Volunteer Portal:

Be sure to select Online when answering the the first question . Please email if you run into any problems.

Reviewing articles

  1. Email us at for access to the Smartsheet, a spreadsheet containing the list of articles needing review
  2. Select any article with the Status “Available for review.”
    1. Add your name as the reviewer.
    2. Change the status to “Review in progress.”
  3. Review the article using the following form:
  4. Once you have submitted your form, please change the status in Smartsheet to “Review complete.”
  5. Log your hours as per the instructions above.

Thank you for helping keep CurioCity by Let’s Talk Science up-to-date!