Video Review Guide

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Before you start

Volunteer portal

Please make sure that you have registered as a Let’s Talk Science volunteer on the Volunteer Portal and that you have submitted an short biography. Details are provided on the Getting Started page.

Smartsheet access

Before you start reviewing videos, you will need access to the “CurioCity Video Review” spreadsheet on Smartsheet. Please email Steven Watt at to confirm that you’re interested in reviewing videos and to request access.

About Let’s Talk Science and CurioCity

More than half of Canadian high school students opt out of taking senior-level science and math courses. Most teens recognize that STEM skills and knowledge are important to society in general. But they don’t think these subjects relate to their own lives and interests.

Let’s Talk Science hopes to change this through programs like CurioCity.

Created with the classroom in mind, CurioCity is a web-based program designed to appeal to both educators and students. It connects students and educators with the STEM community, while giving them a place to explore STEM issues.

Content review in an ongoing process that is critical to ensuring the quality of content published on CurioCity. As a video reviewer, your mission is to ensure that the videos posted on the site are accurate, engaging and appropriate for a teen audience.

Logging your hours

The time you spend reviewing videos should be recorded on the Let’s Talk Science Volunteer Portal. You can log your activities at Be sure to select “Online” when answering the the first question.

Logging your hours and providing feedback allows us to:

  • Keep a record of your contribution to Let’s Talk Science and CurioCity so that we can share this information with you on request and incorporate it in any letters of reference.
  • Demonstrate to supporters and partners the time and effort that is contributed by our volunteers.
  • Better understand how we can improve the volunteering experience as well as our programs.
  • Share your contributions with your local Let’s Talk Science Outreach site (if applicable) so that you can receive recognition at the local level and contribute toward your site’s goals.

Reviewing a video

Open the Video Content Review spreadsheet on Smartsheets

Filter the list of videos by language and status

  • Click the down arrow below the “Language” column header and select “Filter…”.
  • In the first row under “Show rows that match all conditions”, select the language of the videos you want to review in the third drop-down menu.
  • In the second row, select “Status” in the first menu and “Awaiting Review” in the third column.
  • Click “Apply”. You should now only see videos in your desired language that have yet to be reviewed.

Choose a video to review

  • Any videos we would like to have reviewed as soon as possible will the highlighted in red. Otherwise, you can choose at random or based on your interests and area of expertise. In general, try to review older videos first.
  • Once you have chosen a video, select your in the ”Reviewed by” column and change the “Status” column to “Under review”.
  • Save your changes immediately so that other volunteers know the video is now under review.

Watch the video

  • To watch the video, enter the following address into your web browser, replacing XXXX with the number in the “ArticleID” column:

Review the video and note any problems

  • Review the video based on the following criteria. Explain any problems in the “Notes” column.
    • Does the video display properly?
    • Does the video highlight STEM in some way? For example, does it discuss a scientific concept, a technological innovation, or a career that requires STEM skills?
    • Is the video a good source of information for teens? For example, Is the science presented logically with no glaring errors? Is it relatively easy to understand? Does it provide a balanced view of the topic?
    • Does the video have educational value? For example, are there obvious connections with high school and junior high curriculums? Does it teach something? Is it appropriate for classroom use (no swearing, for instance)?
    • Is the video likely to get students’ attention? For example, does it provide exciting information, discuss cutting-edge research, feature celebrities, etc.? Would a teenager want to watch it if they didn’t have to,or actually pay attention if they did?
    • Is the video of a commercial nature? For example, is it tied to a specific product or service?
    • Is the video more than five minutes long?
    • Are the video’s title and description accurate and appropriate? Do you have a better title or description to suggest?

Final steps

  • Change the “Status” column to “Review complete”
  • Save your changes
  • Log your hours. If you review multiple videos at the same time, feel free to log them all together.